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It's funny that when we first meet our partner and fall in love, we just don't see our partner's flaws or them ours.....we see each other as perfect! We expect our commitment to each other or marriage to be the end of our search for love but it is the beginning of a different kind of searching.

Every relationship is a journey - we start off in love and everything feels good and hopeful and then something changes, our relationship is faced with challenges and difficulties and things begin to look bleak and we end up feeling hurt or angry or both. If you feel that you have lost the relationship that you once had and long to get it back, relationship counselling can help you to find your way back and help you to re-connect to those old feelings again....

I use 'Imago Relationship Therapy' as developed by Harville Hendrix and 'Encounter-centered couples Therapy' in working with Relationships. In the book 'Getting the Love you Want', Hendrix sets out a systematic theory of relationship therapy which offers powerful and effective ways for people in relationships to access the core reasons for the problems they experience and offers them the 'tools' to work towards healing. It is a systematic and structured approach that integrates different theoretical. For more information see getting the love you want and United Kingdom Council of Psychotherapy

Encounter-centred Couples Therapy was developed by Hedy Schleiffer (www.hedyyumi.com), is an even deeper way of working to really connect to our partner. In EcCT, the space between the couple is called the 'relational space' and how we treat this space is the focus or our work together. This allows you to explore who you are and how in your pain, you might pollute the space between you and cause your partner pain. Your partner, in their pain, further pollutes the space and causes you even more pain. This is the common story of relationships - it happens to everyone to some extent

This way of working with couples moves away from the blaming, shaming and criticising of other types of couples therapy. It assumes that we each bring our hurt, hopes and dreams into the relationship and both contribute to the problems in different and yet significant ways - causing pain and heartache for ourself and other.

By learning more effective communication skills, we can together understand the purpose of our pain and hurt, uncover the purpose of attraction and create empathy for ourself and our partner and reconnect at a deeper level.
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